Creating an IT Strategy for Your Business

  • Define your business goals
  • Assess your current IT infrastructure
  • Identify needs and develop a budget and roadmap

Step 1: Define Your Business Goals

Before creating an information technology (IT) strategy, it is important to define the business goals. This will help leverage technology to improve efficiency, productivity and profitability. Consider performing a SWOT analysis to determine the company’s objectives and identify areas in which IT can affect the company most.

Step 2: Assess Your Current IT Infrastructure

The next step in developing an IT strategy is assessing the current IT infrastructure. This includes an organization’s hardware, software, network and security systems and determines areas where IT infrastructure could be strengthened or improved. Senior IT leaders can conduct an IT audit to evaluate the infrastructure and analyze any potential flaws or problems. It is also important to analyze support processes and procedures for potential improvements.

Step 3: Identify Needs & Develop a Budget & Roadmap

Step 4: Implement & Monitor Progress Step 5: Evaluate Results & Refine Processes

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